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30 things I learned in 30 years

I recently turned 30 and I would love to share with you the 30 things I’ve learned in my 30 years of life:

1.Patience is the hardest yet the most rewarding skill to learn

2. Time is like money, if you don’t budget it, you’ll end up wasting it

3. Resting is an important companion of doing. Make time for both.

4. Sadness, anger and negative emotions are part of being alive. Don’t ignore it but don’t dwell in it. Let it in and let it out. This too shall pass.

5. The Eisenhower Matrix is gold. Things that seem to “demand” your time right now are almost always just noise. Learn to prioritize real important things

6. Don’t say yes if your heart’s not in it, you’ll end up wasting your time and their’s

7. Do more of the little things that make you smile.

8. Learn to love yourself first before you let anyone else love you. They won’t know how to do so, unless you first set an example for them

9. Allow yourself to make a mistake by doing something you’ve never done before, but learn from it and aim to do better the next time around.

10. It’s not what you did, it’s what you kept doing that matters

11. The importance of taking responsibility for your own actions/reactions in a situation regardless of whose fault it was.

12. Communication is an important bridge to those you love (physical or verbal) use it more often

13. Make time and effort to nurture each relationship that matters (family, friends and network), they are two of the most valuable things one can give another

14. Social media is — social. Things you post are going to be seen by others and not everything is meant for everyone to see.

15. Whenever given the chance to, be the light in someone else’s life

16. Only boring people are ever bored

17. You don’t have to criticize someone else’s opinion or taste, in order for yours to be relevant.

18. Being honest is not an excuse to be rude

19. Be kind to everyone, most especially to those who are not kind to you

20. Age 16, 25, 30, 50, 70 and so on — we’re all still trying to figure things out.

21. Quality over quantity in things, people and experiences

22. Just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it was a waste of time

23. Sometimes, all you need to do is to sleep on it and try again tomorrow

24. You can be in the most amazing place on earth and still be miserable. Most effective changes are focused towards the internal and not the external

25. When you love the process of solving the problem that your job is meant to solve, that’s when work starts becoming your passion

26. Manifesting is so underrated, it’s no juju there’s a psychological explanation for it

27. Your ideas don’t have to come to life today

28. What may seem right for others doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you too

29. Hard times doesn’t have to feel horrible

30. Your task list and goals are never going to end, there is always something you’ll have to do. Try to focus on the ones that you will be proud to remember on your deathbed, they are almost never at the top of the list.

Written By:

Alessandra Milburn

December 5, 2020